Gunmen attack Pakistan police, 59 killed

| Update 2016-10-25 22:00:18
Gunmen attack Pakistan police, 59 killed

At least 59 people were killed and 117 seriously injured in attack on a Pakistani police academy training militants in the southwestern city of Quetta, a government official said Tuesday.

Some 200 train attack took place late on Monday when he was posted at the facility, officials said, and was taken hostage during the attack, which continued for five hours.

Most of the dead were police cadet.

Mir Sarfraz Bugti, Balochistan was attacked while on the province, of which Quetta, the capital of the Home Minister, that Tuesday's opening a Dormitory within five to six armed training facility, Cadet had rest and confirm sleeping.

No group immediately to the responsibility of the attack, but Balochistan, General Sher told a media suggest that aggressive and stopped in the middle of your root and sectarian terrorist group's top military Afgun, Lashkar-e-jhagavi .

Lashkar-e-jhagavi, whose roots are speaking is a history of the state in the state, sectarian attacks in Balochistan, particularly carrying out against the Hazara Shiite minority. It was not clear what purpose the group had attacked the police academy, said an official of the Interior Ministry.

Police, army and paramilitary personnel arrived at the training center within 20 minutes of the attack, and is a process that began last around five hours, the Interior Ministry said.

A Reuters photographer said the officer outside a teenaged- boy at the scene, the body of which he said was one of the attacker and shot by security forces.

Monday night was terrible attack in Pakistan that killed 70 people in a suicide bomber attack on the mourners gathered in a hospital in Quetta in August.

Most aggressive lawyer and journalist killed as a crowd of people crammed into a prominent lawyer was shot and killed and killed, hospital emergency ward with the body in the last days in the city.

Monday night's senior law enforcement said that the terrorist attack was firing five different institutions at the police training center to various points appeared well coordinated.

Later, the attacker has admitted to the Center of the hostel, where around 200 and 250 in the rest were police around, security officials said. At least three explosions were reported in the local media scene.

Quetta long Afghan Taliban, whose leadership has been considered as the basis for a regular meeting is held there in the past.

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