Mahi, MIM, Pori, Nusrat favorite Dhallywood actress revealed

| Update 2016-11-04 10:04:22
Mahi, MIM, Pori, Nusrat favorite Dhallywood actress revealed

See ApuLike, Dhallywood film actress and have their own likes and dislikes. And at the same time, she is his favorite actress.

He would have to take on a more contemporary actress for an actress, the same project?

When asked about his favorite actress, popular Dhallywood want to Mahiya Mahi, Bidya Sinha Saha share MIM, Pori Moni actor and Nusrat Faria screen actress, was found.

mahiMahiya Mahi

I do not sign up for any film that usually is another leading lady. If I have to choose another actress for any of my project, I will go to Apu Biswas. He really is on both the screen and the screen looks pretty close. He also is a person with good sense.

Bidya Sinha Saha MIM

I want to sign for me to share the screen with another actress with a movie, you will not. However, if the script is good, I think on it, I will be considered for Mahiya Mahi project. He seems quite close to me. I will be working with him believe that the joke.

Pori Moni

My top choice Nabila. I watched 'Aynabaji' four times. I think that I can go to see a movie 40 times. Nabila is also pretty.

Nusrat Faria

It is quite difficult to name a favorite actress. However, I recently met Farin. He is a new face in the industry. He impressed me the first day we met. I believe that he has the ability to go a long way.

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