'I'm fine'

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'I'm fine'

'I am fine, thank you everyone.'
This is what is said about the condition of Khadija his health. He was smiling despite wounds on his body left by the brutal machete attack last month.

The journalist spoke to Khadija 'Square Hospital on Wednesday. His smile was difficult for a moment during the conversation.

He said he wants to return home.

On October 3, Khadija, Sylhet Government under a second year student at the Women's College, said Badrul Alam, Science and Technology (SUST) unit of Bangladesh Chhatra League (bcl), Shahjalal University of leader he was killed home after an exam while on the road.

Khadija first, where he had been rushed to Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital was converted to Square Hospital in Dhaka.

In the attack, a video went viral on social networking sites and Bangladesh and sparked public outrage around the world.

Khadija was a conservative family in the village of Ausha of Jalalabad, Sylhet. Some higher education members of his family, he was disappointed, but he was determined to get a degree and become a banker. His brother Ahmed Shahin his allies firmly. Khadija eventually Sylhet Government Women enrolled in college.

"I will continue my studies after I returned home. Science and teacher of Shahjalal University of Technology visited me and said he admitted to me. I will study English Economics," Khadija said.

October 4, square Neurosurgeon Rezaul Sattar told Prothom Alo hospital that had little chance of survival Khadija.

On Wednesday, he told the Prothom Alo, "he has recovered and we hope to release it in a couple of days."

Khadija had surgery on her leg and arm went through two operations on his brain. He still can not move her left leg and left arm.

Doctors expect he will be completely healed.

To re-settlement of the 24 or 25 November (Paralysed on his government) will be taken to the cells.

He is set to return home after receiving treatment there.

Monwara Begum's mother Khadija said that her daughter can eat normally now.

Khadija said her father Mashuk Mia can only remember the incident.

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