Social Network; To contact via one or multiple cases

| Update 2016-11-29 21:51:55
Social Network; To contact via one or multiple cases

Facebook, WhatsApp, social networking sites like Viber, imo, and are a part of our lives today. We are including per-generation drug with the social networking site to the young generation. Officer for the university or work, sometimes we rely on those sites, the group is open to dialogue and pages. But we never think that causes us to break this relationship or multiple cases to help us to keep in contact with us not just go ahead and close the site.

Via various social sites, so we can keep in touch with several people at once. As a result, most of the time in our lives we do not know all the initiative. We always confused for a better option and we will never be satisfied. After breaking a link, it usually takes 1 week to go in another. Sometimes people are caught with several cases.

Now people live in virtual life. They just know that they are moving forward without really are. We are all busy with the update of our friends to discuss and address. But we try our mother's position or location to find very difficult. We communicate with our friends for a long time. But for how much time we knew the grandfather or parts of our old grandmother like family. Social site different ways to help us with that we all know. But we never think that those who make a long distance between us not only near the site, but also sometimes we close?

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