Lice in selling high price!

| Update 2016-10-12 09:25:39
Lice in selling high price!

Lice are all very boring and almost everyone wants to be free from this dreary one.How much money you have spent to save you?

Question, recently very normal sounding brass, a recent result of a search is no longer apply to many people.

Surprisingly, lice therapy has become very popular in saloons on the capital of Dubai, UAE.

Remove lice can protect the hair lice fall that the new information, which makes big money spent. They are now collected lice as the last side to compensate.

People now have to spend 14 Hotels Dubai to collect every one or. Lice in a new market in the country has been based.

Interestingly, women are now remove it carefully lice care instead of worms, once they have spent significant time and money to remove.

Meanwhile, against the Dubai government's position in this business. The government has charged that the penalties involved in this business.

However, the doctor was quoted as saying, new research claims that lice are very helpful for hair and health. It makes the hair to protect hair fall, and keep the body healthy.

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