'I feel so proud to work with Nirob,'

| Update 2016-10-25 10:23:42
'I feel so proud to work with Nirob,'

Two days have started shooting directed by Faisal Saif Bollywood movie title of the new Bala. Bangladeshi actorNirobhas incentral played characterand popular Bollywood asheroineofNirob actress Kavita Radheshyam.

This is the first Bollywood film to Nirob, he has no previous experience. Bangladeshi fans of Nirob is doing in the shooting to know and what they are forms of the Indian people and are curious about the movie.

So, Nirob, bd24live.com officials speak poetry Radheshyam entertainment reporter cellphone.

He appreciated a lot Nirob. '' He has surprised to see a heart-beat hero and we show all Nirob '. Nirob a new environment, a new language and experiencing a lot of unknown co-actors, they did well in shooting, popular Indian actress said.

He was asked his reaction to working with the new comer Nirob to respond. He said, I was having a very different experience with Nirob and really very cute.

When we asked him, he faced the problem of language? He said, it can not be imagined, it can speak Hindi because it is better than we do, which is the first film for Nirob and such a good actor I am very proud to work was feeling.

In addition, the popular Pakistani model and actress Meera Khan is also in the cast.

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