Government raises allowances for the freedom fighters

| Update 2016-10-25 21:58:07
Government raises allowances for the freedom fighters

Cabinet approved a proposal to increase the money in the family as well as wages war-wounded freedom fighters and martyrs of freedom fighters are awarded yesterday for their courage.

Salvation is put this proposal in the war cabinet meeting Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her ministry approved it.

Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam themselves will be allowed to receive higher benefits after the implementation of a people that have been said in the press briefing has been getting a benefit far more than the proposal.

Valiant freedom fighters will get the allowance under Taraman Bibi "Bir Pratik" category, he said.

Seven Bir Sreshtha, 68 Bir Uttam, 175 Bir Bikram and 426 Bir Pratik gallantry award winners.

While the lives of 25,000 families are receiving benefits, the war-wounded (now dead) freedom fighters in the number of families and seven of the family's 303 BRI Sreshtha.

Cabinet instead of the existing Tk 50 crore, allowing access to funds worth Tk 100 crore to increase the financial power of the ministry and distribution, approved the development and non-development project approved.

Advisory service has been raised to Tk 30 crore and Tk 20 crore for the development project for the project of the non-development budget.

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